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(Mis) Adventures Of the New Missus


Pre-marriage shopping is the most exciting part of any marriage. On one such day when we returned back with many bags, I noticed my mother lost in deep thought. Thinking that she might be feeling sad of me going away, I asked her what she was thinking. To my surprise she snorted back and gave me a look of disapproval. After which she started accusing my father for bringing me up as a boy instead of a girl. She said it’s because of his pampering that I would face difficulties at my in-laws place, since I knew nothing about household work. Accepting the fact that I actually didn’t know anything, I looked at my father crestfallen. My father looked at me reassuringly and retorted back at mom saying I can use technology for learning everything. It’s not a problem at all.  Hearing my father’s words, I was relieved.

The very next day my father gifted me a tablet stating it would help me out in every situation that I face after marriage. I readily agreed since Google has answers for everything, plus with the convenience of the tablet, it would be a win win situation. My mother was still not convinced.

Nevertheless, I got married. The honeymoon period got over.  Routine life started.  I was a bit nervous about facing the challenges ahead. But armed with my tablet. I was sure I would conquer them all.

Most of the challenges resulted in misadventures 😦

Some of them are as below:

  1. Cooking: I had already bookmarked few recipes which, in my false pride, I thought were easy. On the very first day, I hoisted my tablet, on top of the stack of containers (since it doesn’t stand on its own) to get a better view of the recipe. To prove my efficiency, I started cooking multiple recipes simultaneously. Initially everything seemed to be in control, but after some time everything become a mess and in my rush to avoid things from burning, I dashed against the containers holding my tablet, losing my balance. By the time I regained my balance the tablet fell straight to the ground nicking its edges away. Thankfully the screen remained intact. Distracted by the fall, I forgot all about the food. 😦
  2. The next day some of the relatives who were not able to attend our marriage were paying a visit. My mother in law suggested me to drape a sari. After the debacle in cooking, I was determined to perform well in the new task. I took hold of my faithful companion and started searching for video tutorials. When I found a suitable one, I placed the tab on my dressing table and started following the tutor step by step. After first few steps, I got confused. I stared at my reflection in the mirror not knowing what to do next. That’s when my sister in law came to inform that the guests have arrived.  With the half draped sari, I reached out for the tablet, to replay the tutorial. Unfortunately I tripped and also lost grip of the tablet. We both fell down with a resounding thud. Every came rushing worried. I had to assure them it was nothing. But when I came out wearing a salwar kameez. My in-laws understood including the guests and I could sense them suppressing their laughter. I was so embarrassed. And yes for the tablet, it survived, though with a huge scratch on its screen.
  3. After few days, my husband posted our pictures on Facebook. To my dismay all my friends thought I was on the heavier side and some of them even started calling me aunty. I was so distressed.   Insecurity filled me and unfounded fear of my husband rejecting me started to haunt me. That’s when my best friend suggested yoga to me. We had attended a yoga workshop during our college. So I knew the basics. Determined to lose weight within a week, I woke up early in the morning, took hold of my tablet again and played video of yogasana; my friend had recommended and claimed guaranteed results. With full enthusiasm, I started working out, after first two cycles, I felt I had mastered it and stretched my leg so hard that it sent the tablet flying away. Unfortunately, this time the tablet didn’t survive and shattered into a hundred pieces.

After all this, I was so depressed that I started rating myself as the worst wife ever and was about to give up. Noticing my sadness, my husband comforted me and asked me not to be so hard on myself. I felt at ease and started practicing meditation and yoga to calm my nerves. In a matter of few weeks, I felt I had lost some weight, plus with the help of my mother in law, I could cook decently and also manage to drape a sari.

I was happy with myself and I attributed all my success to yoga which helped me achieve equilibrium. Filled with contentment, I lloked over my room with appreciation when my eyes fell on my broken tablet. I wished if there could be some form of yoga for tablets too. I don’t want tablets to exercise 😛 but like yoga brings a sense of perfectness to us, there should be a perfect tablet.

My perfect tablet would be:

  1. A tablet that could stand on its own.
  2. Scratch proof screen.
  3. Waterproof.
  4. Could be firmly held so that it doesn’t slip away if your hands are greasy.
  5. Longer battery life.
  6. Vibrant color body. (since you carry it around all the time)
  7. Has a strong body, so that it could survive accidents.

          I sincerely hope that like yoga has positive effects on us, yoga tablet does the same to tablets. 😀


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