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Right Now is the Right Time !


From the time immemorial, people have divided their life in two phases pre -retirement and post retirement :/


  • Enroll in a good school.
  • Excel at studies as well as extra curricular activities.
  • Enroll in a college.
  • Excel to get a good job.
  • Excel at job to get promoted.
  • Get promoted to earn more money.
  • Buy a home.
  • Get married.
  • Have kids and then start the same process from them
  • As the kids grow up plan for your retirement.
  • Invest in some retirement plan.
  • Postpone all your desires and wishes to retirement .

Post retirement:

  • Live off ur savings and meagre retirement benefits on medicines and maintenance expenses
  • For those who remain healthy visit a few places and then settle back to a routine life, looking forward to grandchildren visits.

Sums up whole life…:(
For people who find this normal, nothing against them….enjoy \m/
But for me ….. a big NAAAAAA…
This is not how i want to spend my life…. almost halfway through the pre-retirement phase (recently Happily married) 😀
My question is why wait till retirement to do things u want to do now???
is it worth struggling so much and ending life with ‘what ifs’?
For example:

  1. What if I had started my business?
  2. What if I would have approached her/him first?
  3. What if I had eaten that pizza?
  4. What if I would have learnt dancing?
  5. What if I had done all dis before ?

and many more…..

I don’t want to spend my life regretting the decisions I took, even if they were not right, atleast i could be happy that whatever happened in my life good or bad, is because I listened to my heart , and your heart is never wrong .
Mr. husband feels the same, but says it is not the right time…:/ He finds no logic in this #software techie  grrrrrr!
My questions to Mr. Right time?
where is right time?
How would we know your arrival ?
Do you knock like Mr. opportunity?
why do you take so long to come?
For me the right time is now… and I intend to fulfill all my dreams , no matter how crazy they may sound ! I wont enlist them here , because i firmly believe:

“Actions speak louder than words “.

Mr. Right time is with me , and I would make sure to enjoy every minute with him!

P.S. : How does reading your favorite book , overlooking tea estates from your balcony, while sipping your green tea, in your cottage on the misty blue hills sound to you ? 

Yay to my dreams!