Delhi Smog: Our Contribution


Delhi, The national capital of India has been in the news recently for its alarming high level of pollution levels. Apparently, it is fifteen times over the limit. The whole city is shrouded in smog and the visibility levels have decreased drastically. The situation is so appalling that the government had to shut down schools for three days. Temporary measures include banning construction work and power plant for five days.  There are also a host of other measures that the government plans to take.

There are many short-term and long-term implications of such high levels of pollution including:

  1. Respiratory problems
  2. Higher risk of ADHD in children
  3. With increased content of lead, chances of abnormal mental growth also increases.

For people who think staying indoors will solve the problem, such high levels of pollution also causes indoor air contamination.  You can find a  official detailed list of health risks here for better understanding.

All the major social networking sites are filled with angry citizens disappointed with the government’s lack of plan of action to tackle this situation. And it is total failure on the governments part but we are the world’s largest democracy. Our motto being for the people, by the people, of the people. We have active contribution in our nation’s progress and problems. Our water resources have already been contaminated to levels where we cannot drink them without proper filtering process. With such air quality it won’t be long when we will wearing and installing air purifiers in our homes.

Earlier in 2016, Beijing city China Had reported alarming levels of toxicity of air. A Chinese man accumulated tons of particles by vacuuming air in the city only in a couple of minutes. There was also news of people selling packets of fresh air. Our lakes, rivers, canals and ponds have already been polluted. Industries releasing their waste in the local water bodies have ruined the complete ecosystem. One such recent incident was the Hindustan levers mercury drainage in Kodaikanal which has been causing birth defects amongst the local population. Know more here.

How do we contribute the destruction of our own beautiful nation?

  1. The Double Standard: We believe in cleanliness and hygiene but only within the boundaries of our home. Anything else it is not our concern.
  2. Visit any residential area in most parts of the country and you will find a nearby corner or an empty plot of land where people take the liberty to dump their waste. Polythene bags filled with waste ranging from kitchen to toxic waste all in one place. Our sense of cleanliness is satisfied once we dump the garbage out of our sight.
  3. Public Transport Is For the Poor: Using a public transport for your daily commute is the best option for an individual, the society, the environment and the nation as well. But I have encountered many people say that they are not so economically backward that they have to use public transport. How will you be poor, in fact, you will be rich with all those expenses you avoid by opting for public transports. Other common complaint is a lack of cleanliness and orderliness in the public transport. But my question is who makes it unclean? The answer brings me to the next point which is
  4. Not My Job: This phrase is most commonly used by us than casual greetings. Every work or attempt at contributing towards the society except the ones that pay is considered somebody else’s job. This can range from filing your taxes to disposing a wrapper in a dustbin.

Our Indian heritage places nature at the utmost level of devotion. It is not a secret that natural resources are exhaustible. If we continue with our habits, we will destroy our planet, the only place you can live.


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