Right Now is the Right Time !


From the time immemorial, people have divided their life in two phases pre -retirement and post retirement :/


  • Enroll in a good school.
  • Excel at studies as well as extra curricular activities.
  • Enroll in a college.
  • Excel to get a good job.
  • Excel at job to get promoted.
  • Get promoted to earn more money.
  • Buy a home.
  • Get married.
  • Have kids and then start the same process from them
  • As the kids grow up plan for your retirement.
  • Invest in some retirement plan.
  • Postpone all your desires and wishes to retirement .

Post retirement:

  • Live off ur savings and meagre retirement benefits on medicines and maintenance expenses
  • For those who remain healthy visit a few places and then settle back to a routine life, looking forward to grandchildren visits.

Sums up whole life…:(
For people who find this normal, nothing against them….enjoy \m/
But for me ….. a big NAAAAAA…
This is not how i want to spend my life…. almost halfway through the pre-retirement phase (recently Happily married) 😀
My question is why wait till retirement to do things u want to do now???
is it worth struggling so much and ending life with ‘what ifs’?
For example:

  1. What if I had started my business?
  2. What if I would have approached her/him first?
  3. What if I had eaten that pizza?
  4. What if I would have learnt dancing?
  5. What if I had done all dis before ?

and many more…..

I don’t want to spend my life regretting the decisions I took, even if they were not right, atleast i could be happy that whatever happened in my life good or bad, is because I listened to my heart , and your heart is never wrong .
Mr. husband feels the same, but says it is not the right time…:/ He finds no logic in this #software techie  grrrrrr!
My questions to Mr. Right time?
where is right time?
How would we know your arrival ?
Do you knock like Mr. opportunity?
why do you take so long to come?
For me the right time is now… and I intend to fulfill all my dreams , no matter how crazy they may sound ! I wont enlist them here , because i firmly believe:

“Actions speak louder than words “.

Mr. Right time is with me , and I would make sure to enjoy every minute with him!

P.S. : How does reading your favorite book , overlooking tea estates from your balcony, while sipping your green tea, in your cottage on the misty blue hills sound to you ? 

Yay to my dreams!


About Tales of Curiosity

Simple yet complex, loves everything natural and organic, made in India, chocolates, genuine people, enigmatic smiles, anything purple, red or black, carrots, . Hates fake people, lies, backbiters, fluorescent colors, uncleanliness, and lady fingers alike! A die hard optimist, complete bookworm, Cofeeholic, curious-always asking the why of things, awkward singer, and an unhibited dancer.

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  1. again a nice post. But I have one question to all of them who want that sort of life, where is the space for being compassionate and helping others in some or the other way? May be they would do that on their way, but isnt that should also given some priority? My close friend, escaped death, I had posted about him in my blog. Now he wants to do some charity work. I just asked him, you had to wait to escape death to come to that point, why not think about it before.

    Again as always it comes to an individual and his interests and wishes.

    • We get so engrossed in our daily activities, that we become oblivious to our surroundings. Its only when we experience a huge impact or go through life altering incidents, we become aware of ourselves as well as our surroundings.

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