Need to reform men !


In the wake of recent Delhi rape case that has made every other person to think about ways to ensure safety of the female species…, even I proposed that if every girl is provided with decent education many of such incidents could be avoided. My mother agreed to it. my housemaid who was wiping the floor at that point of time looked at me and smiled. I took it as encouragement and started on a lengthy speech of how education is the solution. She started laughing , I was offended and asked her what was so hilarious. She looked at me with those deep dark eyes narrated to me her story: her name is Seema and she was the youngest amongst three sisters and has been born and brought up in the same slum (where she still resides) just behind the area where i stay. she was married when she was 15. ten years down the line , she is a mother of three children , the eldest one been a daughter. Her husband , a drunkard (who does not earn anything ,who comes home drunk and beats her up to force her hard-earned money to drink more )  which prompted her to leave her in laws place and come back to her maternal house. he followed her back here , with promises of being sober and shouldering his responsibilities , which never happened. He remains the same . At this point of time , I told her why doesn’t she divorce him, and quickly realized she cannot afford to , a woman who is struggling to survive wont even think of going through legal struggles. After hearing this  I emphasized on my previous point that education might have helped her. and I also added that there are many government education facilities which provide free education. She looked at my mother smiled at her and then told me that if she would have chosen education , who would have ensured her safety, I asked her to explain, she said young girls living in slum areas are more openly subjected to sexual abuses , and if something like happened would she able to live a life with dignity as she is leading now even if she doesn’t have money. She said the only way to ensure safety of their daughters was to get them married soon. Then , She added that now she is worried about her own 9-year-old daughter, and takes her everywhere she goes. i told her to empower her daughter so that she can break free from poverty. She explained that her daughter was excelling in school studies but she would get her married as soon as she  finishes school. I got enraged and strictly told her not to do so, she asked “can u ensure the safety of my daughter”? I was silent for a moment and starting tell her that things have changed , our nation has become modern and women are excelling. She said what about Delhi gang rape case ? I (sort of defense mechanism) told her that Maharashtra was comparatively safer than North India (A common presumption that rest of India has against North India), then she plainly told me about the Shirdi incident where shamelessly a young nine-year old girl was raped. I was dumbfounded. Then she told about many more incidents which have happened in our own vicinity, including incest.

That made me think , I pondered on this for that whole afternoon, and then i realized that there’s nothing a girl can do, the only possible way to stop this menace and break this vicious circle is that we raise our men as gentlemen. if each parent raises his son responsibly and teaches them to respect women as important as teaching them to eat or walk, these incidents would never happen. They should lead by example , if a child is brought up in a healthy environment where his mother , sister , aunt are treated with utmost respect and honour , he would never think of disrespecting a woman. Where parents take extra care of restricting their daughter’s behaviour i.e. monitoring her dressing , to the way she converses, her friends , her thoughts and resort to strict measures if they think anything  would land her in trouble. The very famous saying that every mother says to her daughter “A girl’s character is like glass, once broken can never be mended.” The same should be taught to their sons and also train them to take additional care of the glass.

If we could achieve this , that is if every parent takes responsibility of raising a Man and not an animal, soon our world would be a beautiful place and women would live their life fearlessly and in the true sense be a DEVI.

P.S.: For those people who curb a girls freedom saying that she should not provoke a man to rape her , please realize this that :

“Girls don’t rape guys, they find attractive!!!”


About Tales of Curiosity

Simple yet complex, loves everything natural and organic, made in India, chocolates, genuine people, enigmatic smiles, anything purple, red or black, carrots, . Hates fake people, lies, backbiters, fluorescent colors, uncleanliness, and lady fingers alike! A die hard optimist, complete bookworm, Cofeeholic, curious-always asking the why of things, awkward singer, and an unhibited dancer.

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  1. “can u ensure the safety of my daughter”? I was silent for a moment and starting tell her that things have changed , our nation has become modern and women are excelling.

    Why she wants to ask the questoin – “can u ensure the safety of my daughter”? to you or to someone !

    She has to ask herlself – she herself not sure what is the Women empower !

    So Mom should be courage enough to take care of daughters irrespective of Poverty


  2. beautifully written basha..u gave totally diffrent angel to think of how to stop rape thing..infact as per my knowledge..the moment wen someone is raping someone..its not tht easy..even his own inner voice must b saying tht wat he is doing is wrong..but know he wont stop coz he is afraid tht if he leaves her he gonna b in a big trouble thn y not just finish it off.everything is inter-realted..the way a girl should walk till the way she dress these signs provoke a man..this kind of man are either in the trouble of drugs or alchol or they are sexually frustrated..or any other things which is troubling their man ego..but yeah i totally agree with u..a women who gives birth to a child specially a boy..from tht moment she should start teaching her on how to respect a women a girl a sister a teacher etc etc..lovely thought basha..amazing article keep it up..and ya i think a man i mean the man of the house should treat his wife or mom like a queen in front of his children so tht they learn it in the family nature…best of luck keep it up…

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